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Reel Life November 2021

20211002 150825

Opening day 2021 was, yet again, a fantastic time on lakes Rotoiti, Tarawera and Okataina, with the weather playing a role in making it one to remember.

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Reel Life October 2021

Joshua Spalding 9 yrs 4.2kg Rotoiti

With the new trout fishing season just around the corner, anglers all around the country are busy preparing for a big day out.

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Reel Life September 2021

IMG 0968

I think we can all agree, the countries excursion back into Covid lockdown tested our patience and sanity!

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Reel Life March 2021

Steve Houghton caught this 3.5lb fish spinning at Lake Okaro

Autumn seasonal change has brought about the need for anglers to adjust tactics to remain successful.

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Reel Life February 2021

Photo by Dion James of Rotorua Sight Fishing Adventures

As I write this welcome rain is falling in the region, refreshing and rejuvenating rivers and streams and reducing the surface temperatures on our lakes a little.

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Reel Life February 2020


Scorching temperatures and almost no rain for two months have seen conditions in the Eastern region again be dominated by the weather.

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Eastern Reel Life January 2020

RL Jan 2020 Eastern

Last month I wrote about the weather being decidedly ‘spring-like’ and making assumptions that things would get back to normal soon.

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Eastern Reel Life December 2019

Eastern RL December stephen flint Hamurana BT Dec 2019 2

Although we are technically in summer, we’ve had a full range of ‘spring-like’ weather patterns here in the Eastern Fish & Game region over the last couple of weeks.

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Eastern Reel Life October 2019

anglers head out onto tarawera at opening

The traditional season opening on the Rotorua lakes didn’t disappoint for hundreds of keen fishers who braved the conditions.

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Eastern Reel Life September 2019

Opening action on the Rotorua lakes is that one tagged

The new season opening is now just days away, anglers are being reminded that a little preparation and planning goes a long way toward the day being enjoyable and hassle free.

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Eastern Reel Life August 2019

RL august 2019 Eastern

As we await the beginning of spring, and the new trout season commencing at the beginning of October, there are a number of locations still open that can provide excellent fishing.

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Eastern Reel Life April 2019

Shaynon Ramage 12 yrs Rerewhakaaitu TAC member 2kg 540mm 3 yr old hatchery release fish3

Although weather and temperatures remain mild, spawning fish are on the move around Rotorua lakes.

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Eastern Reel Life March 2019

eastern RL March 2019 Autumn fly fishing Lake Tarawera

Cooler temperatures and the start of autumn conditions have finally prevailed in the central North Island, providing relief to the stressful conditions trout have endured.

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Eastern Reel Life December 2018

Anglers taking on some fine summer weather L Tarawera

Changeable conditions over the last month, including some heavy rains and cooler periods, have slowed the lakes’ natural summer warming.

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Eastern Reel Life Apr 2017

E 1 Ngo BT

Cooler weather conditions have kicked in very suddenly in the central North Island with overnight temperatures getting down to just three degrees this week.

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Southland Reel Life FEB 2017

In this month’s Reel Life article, field officer Cohen Stewart interviews retired fishing guide and honorary ranger Len Prentice to find out how the average angler can make their fishing...

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West Coast Reel Life FEB 2017

Over the past week and a half, weather conditions have improved significantly on the West Coast, with a period of excellent settled weather.

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Hawke’s Bay Reel Life Feb 2017

With February air temperatures peaking at 33OC at the airport, it was nice to receive some decent rain in the middle of the month to give the rivers a good...

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Auckland / Waikato Reel Life Feb 2017

The weather has been less than ideal recently but the heat has brought out the cicadas – and the trout that feed on them.

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Southland Reel Life JAN 2017

As mentioned in previous Reel Life articles, there have been isolated increases in mouse populations in some parts of Southland.

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North Canterbury Reel Life Jan 2017

As I write this report, the East Coast rivers in Canterbury have peaked in flood, with flows higher than seen for some time.

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Eastern Reel Life Jan 2017

Lake Rotorua’s shoreline fishery has been slow to get underway this summer due to cooler and windier than normal conditions.

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Otago Reel Life JAN 2017

It’s fair to say that the summer holiday period has been severely interrupted by some abysmal weather over the past month and leading up to the New Year.

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