Game Bird Habitat Stamp Program

2014 just habitat stamp 0In 1993 the “Game Bird Habitat Stamp” programme was initiated to collect funds for habitat protection. The stamp depicts a different game bird each season.

All game bird hunters contribute to the fund when they buy their annual hunting licence because $2 goes directly to the programme.

The stamp programme was established with the assistance of the Governor–General and Minister of Conservation.

Collectors and the general public can also purchase stamp art products. These include a first day cover and Limited Edition Artist Print and the money from purchases goes to the fund. The stamps are marketed by New Zealand Post.

By purchasing a stamp of any of the listed items you will be contributing directly to wildlife conservation.

Click on the following link to view the current and previous Game Bird Habitat Stamps.

The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board

The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board is a charitable body that was set up to receive and distribute the proceeds of the Game Bird Habitat Stamp programme.

Each year the board invites any person or organisation to apply for funds from the trust for the protection, enhancement or creation of game bird habitat.

Fish & Game New Zealand administers the programme on behalf of the Trust Board.

The trust is a registered charity and welcomes public donations.

For more information on the Trust Board and habitat enhancement please click here or contact your local Fish & Game office or the New Zealand Fish & Game Council.

Hunters supporting conservation

Game birds and native bird species are threatened by diminishing habitat such as wetlands and scrublands. New Zealand now has less than 10% of the wetland that was present in pre-European times. Wetlands and margings have often been regarded as unproductive and have been converted into land for agricultural, commercial and housing development.

Purchases of the Habitat Stamp provide the core funds for the Game Bird Habitat Trust to distribute to deserving projects that protect and restore game bird habitats.