One of Fish & Game's key environmental roles is to help landowners create and restore wetlands, and enhance freshwater waterways and riparian margins.

dozer 2These areas provide essential habitat for game birds and sports fish.

There are huge opportunities, particularly on private land, to enhance wetlands or develop new ones and restore stream environments.

One source of funding for this work is the Habitat Trust which administers grants for habitat projects. Click here for details.

Fish & Game staff can advise on your project - designs, fencing, planting, resource consent applications and costings - and we can even manage the project for you.

Please call Fish & Game Officer John Meikle on Mob 021-375 480 to discus the options and receive some friendly, practical and cost-effective advice.

Read on for some examples of recent large Fish & Game projects. 

DIY duck ponds

Most hunters have access to farms where boggy areas can be readily converted into wetland.

Click here for some ideas and a practical example of how to go about it.

Large-scale projects

Fish & Game staff also undertake large projects - such as a joint project with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Department of Conservation - to recreate up to 85 hectares of wetland inside the Lower Kaituna Wildlife Management Reserve near Te Puke.

Click here to watch a video showing a specialised wetland contractor at work in the reserve.

Lots of work has been done since the video was shot, to create a mosaic of permanent and temporary water areas and plant native species - to produce great duck habitat.   

Joining forces in the Bay of Plenty 

Councils and Fish & Game staff have put their heads together over projects like the Kaituna Reserve.

Click here to learn how these agreements work.