Local elections - city, district & regional councils

images local elections KaikAnglers and hunters are urged to make sure they enrol and vote in the coming local government elections – for the sake of our environment and recreational access to the outdoors.

The elections – for regional, city and district councils - are held once every three years, and the next one will be held on 12 October, 2019.

It’s the chance to have a say in choosing candidates who will best represent our fishing and hunting interests on these councils.

Fish & Game wants to see people who care about the environment, water quality and public access to the outdoors, stand as candidates.  

As voters in your local region, take time to identify these people and give them your vote.

Fish & Game believes the October elections provide a great opportunity for those concerned about our environment, and issues such as water quality and recreational access, to elect councillors who’ll push doggedly for positive action.

Part of the solution to improving water quality and around the country lies with regional and district councils who are responsible for enforcing environmental measures.

These councils should be at the front line protecting our waterways and environment, but the reality falls far short of that in many parts of the country.

Nominations for local government candidates opens on July 19 – and close on August 16.

Make sure you’re enrolled to vote, or check your details – click here for more information.

For more 'how to' information, head to our Vote 2019 - key facts page.