Secrets for Setting Decoys

Calling in waterfowl to a decoy spread is a rewarding and exciting aspect of game bird hunting.

Knowing how to set decoys correctly is a key to success.

In this video, Otago Fish & Game field officer Ben Sowry shares some tips to help you harvest wild game for the table. We'll cover: 

-          Setting decoy species that are present in your area.

-          Matching decoys to natural numbers.

-          Grouping different species.

-          Setting largest species upwind.

-          How shovelers decoys are handy but not essential.

-          Tricks for parrie decoys.

-          “Rangefinder” decoys.

-          Wind direction.

-          J and U-shape spreads.

-          Keeping decoys apart.

-          Avoiding frost or dew on decoys.

-          Shoreline sets.

Watch here