Central South Island Both Barrels June 2017

What are hunters saying?

Although opening weekend action was a bit slow for many, word from stalwart all-season hunters is that the action has been thick and fast of late.

One diehard even pulled the pin on mallard hunting over a month before the end of the season, saying his freezer was full - with enough to feed the family for the year.

For Opening Weekend the rate of harvest for mallards was around one bird for an hour of hunting.

For the following fortnightly periods when we ran our hunter survey, the mallard harvest rate fluctuated between about 1.5 and 2.3 birds per hour.

Outlook for July

July is traditionally the coldest month of the year so expect frozen ponds, puddles and pastures and snow showers.

Stock feed-out areas can be a magnet to game birds during these cold times as the opportunity to hoover up the scraps of maize silage and the likes can be irresistible.

River bed hunting can improve this time of year too and some scouting for duck camps a day or two ahead may well set you up for the best hunt of the season.   

For some hunters the depths of winter is the time to switch from water fowling to upland game bird hunting.

Please remember if you intend to hunt chukar you are required obtain a permit from our office, please email Fish & Game Officer Hamish Stevens: (hstevens@fishandgame.org.nz).

Yep, chef is best

BBcsiJUNE17 2The question was asked at the start of the season: who cooks a duck better, chef or home cook?

The answer in the opinion of CSI Fish & Game staff is, chef.

Left: Fusion Restaurant Chef Xuyen plating-up the Moroccan spiced stewed mallard.

As part of the game bird food festival, Fusion Restaurant in Timaru and Braided River restaurant in Ashburton, have offered hunters the opportunity to drop off any harvested game bird and have it cooked up by their chefs.

The CSI Fish & Game staff provided chef Lindsay Bennett of Fusion with plucked  mallards and in return were served up a couple of taste sensations.

The entrée was a take on cold weather comfort food: pea, duck pie, pud.

The mains were stewed duck with Moroccan spices complemented with sauces and garnishes beyond this writer’s ability to describe, and best discovered by the reader in person.       

Lindsay at Fusion is offering to cook your game birds through to the end of July.

Please get in touch with the Fusion team a day or two in advance to organise getting your cleaned birds to them on time.

And why not give Lindsay a challenge and drop off a black swan?

How’s your pattern?

Shot gun patterning sheets are available to pick-up from the Central South Island Fish & Game Office in Temuka, 32 Richard Pearse Drive.

The sheets are a helpful tool to get you using the right ammo/choke combination and figure out your effective range.

Click here to link to our YouTube tutorial on patterning.

Fish & Game Council Meetings

The Central South Island Fish & Game Council meet on a bi-monthly basis at the Fish & Game premises, 32 Richard Pearce Drive in Temuka.

The next meeting will be held on the Thursday the 7th of September at 7pm.

The council is made up of elected local licenceholders who volunteer their time and energy.

Councillors work includes adopting annual work plans, developing specific policies related to management roles and setting sports fishing and game bird hunting regulations.

The council meetings are open to licenceholders and the public. If you want to  speak to the council please ring the Fish & Game office before the meeting to say you want to speak, and giving your topic: 03-615 8400.

Rhys Adams, Central South Island Fish & Game Officer

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