Spin Fishing

Spin Fishing Image smaller2Spin fishing is a great way to start trout fishing as the skills are easily mastered.

A basic outfit of rod, reel and line, plus a few lures are all you need to have a good chance of catching trout.  

The watercraft and knowledge of trout habits learned while spin fishing are just as useful for other trout fishing methods such as fly fishing.

Spin fishing is fishing for trout with lures that imitate small fish. They are cast with an outfit  consisting of an 'egg beater' reel loaded with suitable monofilament line, and a short, single-handed spinning rod.

There are lots of spin fishing tips in our introduction to trout fishing videos.

Click here for part one on gear, and here for part two on fishing 'basics.'

You can also download our 'Spin Fishing How-to Guide' brochure here.

If you want to try fly fishing, click here for information.  

If you plan to boat fish, here are some pointers.