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Both Barrels July 2021

Pheasant wirehair photo ex Dave Malcolm 1

The Special Paradise Shelduck Season North of the Harbour Bridge is Gazetted for 19 and 20 February 2022, mark it in your diaries now.

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Both Barrels June 2021

AW Picture 2

The mallard, grey and shoveler dabbling-duck part of the season is now behind us, ending Queen’s Birthday Monday, June 7 in this region.

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Both Barrels May 2021

Dave Klees hunters 2021 1

Water, or rather the lack of it, was a major problem on opening throughout the region and for the second year running.

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Both Barrels April 2021

Richard Philburn young duck hunters 1

Fingers and toes crossed that this year we have no Covid-19 delays, travel restrictions or other interruptions to our game bird season.

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Both Barrels March 2021

cover no bleed Duck 21 FishandGame

With less than six weeks to go until the game bird season, we welcome our readers of Both Barrels for 2021, the place where we keep you up to date...

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Both Barrels July 2020

AW July P1

We were lucky just to have a duck season this year, ask anyone who missed out on the deer roar in April.

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Both Barrels June 2020

Police opening day 2023

Please be aware of the new season dates that were adjusted after the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Both Barrels May 2020

Bismuth Merkel non toxic cartridges 1

Covid-19 has not only taken the world by storm, but with it also the shooting community world-wide who have also been fully caught up in lockdowns just as we have.

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Special Lockdown Edition Both Barrels April 2020

lockdown header

Over the first two weeks of the lockdown, Fish & Game have been scenario planning around what form the game bird season might take.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels July 2019

Junior photo 410 Scott Harvey supplied2

In our recent phone survey of game bird hunters remarkably few took advantage of the extended season for paradise shelduck and swan, (which finished June 23rd), and only the hardy...

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels June 2019

Dave Malcolm d

For many of us who live for waterfowl hunting, the inquisition now begins.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels May 2019

Scott Harvey Chessie 2019

It didn’t matter where you were this opening, fog was an issue, be it Whitianga, Waikare, Hamilton or Kaipara.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels April 2019

AW Tokoroa duck photo

The countdown till opening weekend is nearly over.

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North Island Roundup - Both Barrels 2018

Claire Heyns, NorthTec Practicum student, helping with shoveler counts.

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Both Barrels August 2018

SS 1 Phil gamebird fest

As the 2018 game bird season draws to a close, many hunters are reflecting on their success, saying it has been the best season they have experienced for a long time.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels July 2018

AW 1 Grey teal price tag photo

Each Opening Weekend, and every two weeks after that, this region runs a phone survey of randomly selected hunters to monitor their success.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels June 2018

AW 1 BB June

The 2018 Auckland/Waikato Region dabbling duck season is already consigned to history.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels May 2018

Lake Waikare Opening Day b

Opening weekend saw blue skies and hardly a breath of wind for many.

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Auckland/Waikato Both Barrels April 2018

AW 2 Ducks opening weekend 2016 010

Looking around the Waikato, Hauraki Plains and Rodney districts, lots of groups of ducks seem to be tucked up in many likely spots, both tidal on the mud, or on...

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Both Barrels August 2017

bb aug 17 cover

The game bird season has ended... or has it?

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Both Barrels South Island Roundup

FGNZ WC Shoveler Survey73

The waterfowl 2017 season has been and gone. We hope you managed to get out on a few hunting adventures this year and filled the freezer with enough duck to...

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Both Barrels North Island Roundup

N BB 1 Heath worsfolds truck pheasant with happy pup sneak2

Heath Worsfold’s truck with a nice pheasant and a happy pup named Sneak.

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Auckland Waikato Both Barrels July 2017

AW Pheasant 16ga Dessard

At time of writing the weather is rubbish but upland game birds such as pheasants are still out there, and can be chased to almost the end of August.

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Auckland Waikato Both Barrels June 2017

Leslie Dewhurst and helpers 2017

'Strange weather but some good bags'

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Auckland / Waikato Both Barrels May 2017

Opening day May 2017 003

The game season has got off to a good start in the Auckland/Waikato and we’ve had encouraging reports from most parts of the region.

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Auckland / Waikato Both Barrels Apr 2017

AW BB Ducks opening weekend 2016 13

The long wet spring meant a lot of ducks were breeding long after they’d normally be finished.

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Both Barrels Mar 2017

bb mar2017 cover

Get set to hunt some game birds

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Southland Both Barrels May 2016

Opening day is probably the only day of the year when I wake up and I’m upset by a lack of wind!

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Auckland / Waikato Both Barrels May 2016

Opening Weekend was a good time to have remembered the sun screen.

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Otago Both BarrelsMay 2016

For what must be the 10th year in a row, Otago hunters woke to clear calm conditions for the Opening Day.

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Central South Island Both Barrels May 2016

Opening Weekend heralded fine and pleasant weather.

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North Canterbury Both Barrels May 2016

With the game bird season well underway and the hype of opening day now past, it's time to reflect on hunting successes firstly, then focus on the great game bird...

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West Coast Both Barrels May 2016

Large numbers of hunters turned out in the West Coast Region for Opening Weekend this year, both local hunters and many from other regions.

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Nelson Marlborough Both Barrels May 2016

Fish & Game had three ranging teams out in the field on Opening Day this year, concentrating on private land around Blenheim and Murchison.

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Wellington Both Barrels May 2016

The weather was largely to blame for what can only be described as a patchy Opening Weekend, with very calm conditions in the Wairarapa and resultingly few birds moving around.

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Taranaki Both Barrels May 2016

While the hunter phone survey results are yet to be analysed, initial indications are that hunters were happy with their opening weekend bags – in many areas more mallards were...

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Northland Both Barrels May 2016

Opening Weekend game bird hunting produced a “great variety” of results for hunters around the Northland Peninsula.

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Hawke's Bay Both Barrrels May 2016

Fish & Game rangers along with police officers checked 57 waterfowl hunters over Opening Weekend.

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Eastern Both Barrels May 2016

Hunters can now take advantage of being able to hunt the 20-odd Crown-owned wetlands around the region administered by Fish & Game.

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