King Country Special Parrie Season Permit

27th & 28th February 2021

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10 Paradise Shelduck and/or 10 Pukeko per day per hunter.

HOURS OF HUNTING: 6.30am - 8.00pm

HUNTING AREA: All that area of the Waitomo District Council, (which goes to Mokau), Otorohanga, Taupo and Ruapehu District Councils, where these lie WITHIN our region. Please select here to view map.

  • No shooting within 200m of the boundary of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.
  • Carrying a Special Paradise Shelduck Season Permit while hunting is mandatory, including for landowners.  $5 permit charge.  Permits available from Auckland Waikato Fish & Game Council Hamilton office only. Please select the link above.
  • You must ALSO have a 2020 gamebird licence, (unless you are the primary land-occupier on your own property), as well as the special permit.
  • If you don’t have a 2020 season licence, you can purchase either one or two day licence/s as required.  Note that, you cannot buy a 2021 season licence yet.  However, the special season is covered by the 2020 licence, which remains valid until immediately before the new 2021 gamebird season opens in May.
  • Hunters will need to find and make their own access arrangements with landowners who have paradise shelduck to hunt.
  • The intent of this season is to break up large mobs of birds and to reduce damage to grass and crops, rather than targeting lone breeding pairs of birds.
  • Do not shoot parry moulters, that cannot fly.  They are typically in very poor condition/eating during the moult period.
  • Please responsibly dispose of all guts/feathers/frames.  If burying these, discuss where-to with the landowner first.
  • Many hunters have parry meat made into sausages and/or salamis.  Removing shot pellets will make this much easier for butchers and their machinery (& human teeth!).
  • Hunting can only be undertaken with a shotgun of a 10 gauge or smaller that is capable of holding no more than 3 shells.
  • You can only use lead shot if you are more than 200m from a waterway, or if you are using a sub-gauge shotgun, (this exemption does not apply on Fish & Game or DoC land this season). Otherwise please use steel or other non-toxic ammo.
  • Rangers will be in the area checking hunters.

We wish you a safe and productive hunting experience.

King Country Special Parrie Season Permit

Hunters requiring a permit must provide the following details which will be sent onto our Hamilton office, payment information (via internet banking) will be sent to you once you submit the information.