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Eastern Reel Life Jan 2017

Lake Rotorua’s shoreline fishery has been slow to get underway this summer due to cooler and windier than normal conditions.

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Otago Reel Life JAN 2017

It’s fair to say that the summer holiday period has been severely interrupted by some abysmal weather over the past month and leading up to the New Year.

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Central South Island Reel Life JAN 2017

It has been a fickle summer weather-wise, with welcome small but regular rainfall events occurring across the region.

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West Coast Reel Life Jan 2017

Large numbers of hunters turned out in the West Coast Region for Opening Weekend this year, both local hunters and many from other regions.

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Nelson/Marlborough Reel Life JAN 2017

The Taylor River fishery is in good shape after a 50 medium to large brown trout were released before Christmas.

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Wellington Reel Life Jan 2017

Spring and now 'summer' continue to be a real mixed bag when it comes to weather and fishing prospects.

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Taranaki Reel Life Jan 2017

Regular freshes, persistent westerly winds and even an early dump of snow have conspired to provide great conditions for the trout, but not so flash for the anglers.

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Hawke’s Bay Reel Life Jan 2017

December and early January have seen many of the rivers running low and clear as we progress through the hot summer months here in the Hawke’s Bay.

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Auckland / Waikato Reel Life Jan 2017

Fish & Game staff were recently on the Whakapapa and Whanganui Rivers monitoring water quality and witnessed some amazing hatches in the late evening, and heard cicada sounding off all day.

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