Coarse Fishing

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Coarse fish are abundant in many waters from Cambridge north and coarse fishing is becoming increasingly popular especially among junior anglers. 

“Coarse fishing” derives its name from the fact that “coarse fish” species have larger (“coarser”) scales in contrast to the finer small scales of trout.  While trout are found in clear water streams and cold lakes, coarse fish prefer the warm, still waters found in lowland rivers and northern lakes.  Because of their preference for warm water, the best time to go fishing for coarse fish is during the summer months.  Over winter, coarse fish become less active and rarely feed.

This pamphlet provides information on the basic techniques for catching coarse fish and a guide to the most accessible locations for coarse fishing. 

Make sure you purchase a fishing Licence

An Auckland/Waikato freshwater fishing licence allows you to fish for trout, salmon, perch, tench and rudd throughout New Zealand with the exception of the Taupo district.  Fish & Game Councils are solely funded by licence sales and thus the purchase of a licence is your valuable contribution to the preservation and management of sports fish and their habitats.  A fishing licence can be obtained from most sport shops or the Fish & Game web site with the season starting on the 1st of October.  Most rivers are closed for trout fishing during July, August and September, however most coarse fishing water in all lakes in the Auckland/Waikato region and sections of some rivers are open to fishing all year.