Every one of the 12 New Zealand Fish & Game Councillors is nominated to serve on the council by their own region.

They are not representatives of their region (as they have to take a national overview in their deliberations) and are expected to be the main link between the New Zealand Council and the regions. They should be able to explain to the New Zealand Council the views of regions on an issue, and subsequently explain to their fellow regional Councillors why the New Zealand Council decided on a particular course of action.

New Zealand Councillors are required to advance and implement national policy back in their particular regions.

Lindsay Lyons (Chairman)

Lindsay has been an Eastern Fish and Game Councillor for the past 10 years and a New Zealand Councillor since 2008.

He co-founded the Waikato chapter of Ducks Unlimited in 1974. Lindsay is currently the President of the Rotorua Professional Trout Fishing Guides Association. His interests are trout fishing, salt water fishing, duck and upland game hunting, deer stalking and flying.

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Paul Dixon-Didier

Paul has served on the Nelson/Marlborough Fish and Game Council since 1994. He is also on the Executive Committee and Game Committee and is a former honorary ranger.

He is a keen angler, game bird shooter, general outdoor recreation enthusiast and an avid pig hunter. He has a particular interest in soil and water conservation. When not enjoying family, friends and the outdoors he works at Inland Revenue.

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Alan Flynn

Alan is a member of the Taranaki Fish and Game Council. He is an enthusiastic angler and hunter and is also an honorary ranger.

He's been employed within sports goods retail for 26 years and resides in New Plymouth.

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Matthew Hall

Matthew has been a member of the Central South Island (CSI) Fish and Game Council since its inception and has served as chairman (2). He is a committee member of 'Save the Rivers' (Mid Canterbury) and Secretary and Life Member of the 'South Rangitata Reserve Inc'. Matthew was a member and past Chair of the Ashburton Zone Committee, a joint committee of the Ashburton District Council and Environment Canterbury and one of the Canterbury Water zone committees.

He is a recipient of an ECAN Contribution Award in recognition of his knowledge on braided river systems and submitter on the Rakaia and Rangitata Conservation Orders. He was also a member of the Steering Committee in developing the draft Salmon Management Plan and the CSI’s advocate to the Salmon Enhancement Trust.

Matthew is a chartered accountant by profession and a keen salmon and trout angler.

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Andrew Morris

Andrew enjoys hunting waterfowl and upland game birds all over the Wellington region.

He has served on the Wellington Fish & Game Council since 2006 and the New Zealand Council since 2012.

Andrew sees a bright future for Fish & Game.

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Chris Owen

Southland born and raised, hunting and fishing with my family has always been an important part of my life, like many Southlanders hunting and fishing is part of who we are.

Self-employed in environmental field work/ boat contractor working in Southlands rivers and lakes along with my passion for hunting and fishing made it an obvious choice to want to play a part within the Fish and Game process.

I’m enjoying the opportunity and challenge.

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Andy Harris

I am an enthusiastic [some would say obsessive] waterfowler, and a keen,albeit fairly ordinary, fresh water angler.

I’ve served on West Coast Fish and Game council since 2000 and am currently chairman. Living at HariHari in South Westland, I am pretty much retired from hands-on farming but still have an ownership interest in a modest dairy farm within the La Fontaine stream catchment. Other interests centre on family, home and garden.

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Ronald Stuart

Born at Hokitika and educated in rural environments a career was carved out in business associated with Agriculture, mostly in the Wairarapa and Wellington locations. Then midway through a working life, opportunity directed me to the Security & Fitness industry, in Christchurch, training candidates for their professional Security Qualifications and personal fitness.
This established a location passion in Canterbury and enhanced the fever of dedicated Salmon Angling, fishing the glacial feed rivers in North Canterbury and Central South Island Regions.
With a desire to return the personal benefits of privilege to fish Canterbury Salmon waters, I joined the organisation of N Z Salmon Anglers and retired from this position, as President, to pursue ongoing interests in the fishery as a Councillor with North Canterbury Fish & Game.
Indications that the salmon fishery is not self-sustaining, regular voluntary involvement supports enhancement activities associated with; alevinator and instream ova planting, hatchery maintenance, identification fin clipping hatchery juveniles for subsequent release and stream enhancement projects.
A great personal achievement in year 2015 was the installation of a wheelchair fishing platform at McIntosh’s on the Waimakariri River, enabling disabled Anglers the opportunity to fish for Salmon on equal terms with other anglers. The generosity of architects and construction professionals made this possible to be built and placed professionally.
In conjunction with the dedication of many like Anglers supporting enhancement projects, a drive exists to represent license holders, volunteers and stake holders with involvement in projects or policy that will improve or reverse a declining salmon and trout fishery trend.

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Kevin Williams

Kevin is a second term councilor in Hawkes Bay and the region's appointee on the New Zealand Council. Kevin has a keen interest in fishing and hunting, having fished for trout and pursued waterfowl, upland game and game animals in most parts of the country.

After 30 years operating his orcharding business, Kevin has recently retired and now wants to spend time ensuring that New Zealand protects its environment so that there are always fish in our rivers and birds to hunt for generations to come.

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Noel Birchall

A dedicated game hunter, fisherman , licence holder for over 50 years and a Ranger for over 25 years, with a family of dedicated hunters and fishers.

Noel is an owner/operator of an auto-electrical business in Kaikohe and has a property on which he has developed a substantial wetland and wildlife habitat area.

Noel has been involved with the management of our sport and the fish and game resource for 49 years, having been a councilor on the Bay of Islands Acclimatisation Society for 23 years, 8 years as President, a member of the National Executive for 4 years, the National Finance Committee for 3 years and has been on the Northland Fish and Game Council since its inception in 1990, and was the chairman for 13 years.

In 2002 Noel received a Conservation Award in recognition of his service to fish and game management.

Noel supports the maximizing of hunting and fishing opportunity while maintaining sustainable populations of species and providing value to licence holders by ensuring they, and future generations, have the ability and right to participate in their chosen recreation.

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Dr John Jillett

John is the Otago appointee on the New Zealand Fish and Game Council

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Colin Sherrard

An Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game Councillor for over 20 years as well as an honorary ranger. Colin has been a licence holder/shooters since his early teens. He has extensive knowledge of the F&G model governance and supporter of habitat initiatives and enhancement. He will always will do his best to enhance the hunting and fishing opportunities for “YOU” the average everyday licence holder.

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