Every one of the 12 New Zealand Fish & Game Councillors is nominated to serve on the council by their own region.

They are not representatives of their region (as they have to take a national overview in their deliberations) and are expected to be the main link between the New Zealand Council and the regions. They should be able to explain to the New Zealand Council the views of regions on an issue, and subsequently explain to their fellow regional Councillors why the New Zealand Council decided on a particular course of action.

New Zealand Councillors are required to advance and implement national policy back in their particular regions.

Paul Shortis (Chairman)

Paul has been a Wellington Fish and Game councillor for three years. He is a keen fisherman and a retired gamebird hunter. His interests include tramping, birding, astronomy and travel.
Paul is a keen advocate for cleaner rivers and lakes and more environmental responsibility, particularly by regional councils. He would like to see New Zealand move beyond its highly water dependent farming methodologies to new, dryland farming techniques creating a positive step change in our environmental impact.

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Lindsay Lyons

I’ve enjoyed “giving back” in my Fish & Game roles after everything that fishing and hunting has given to me – and that includes more than 30 years as a fishing guide on the Rotorua lakes. I co-founded the Waikato chapter of Ducks Unlimited in the 70’s and I’ve served as president of the Rotorua Professional Trout Fishing Guides Association. I’ve spent years as both an Eastern councillor and as chairman of the New Zealand Fish and Game Council. As a councillor my priority is to keep licence fees down and I believe in “Kiwis first” with non-residents paying more to use our fantastic fisheries. My interests, aside from trout fishing, include salt water fishing, duck and upland game hunting, deer stalking. I’m also fond of rallying cars and flying, after an earlier career as a commercial pilot.

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Noel Birchall

I am a dedicated game hunter and fisherman and have been an honorary ranger for more than 25 years. I am the owner-operator of an auto electrical business in Kaikohe and own a property where I’ve developed a substantial wetland and wildlife habitat area. My background in the management of our sport and the fish and game resources goes back nearly 50 years as a councillor, president and executive member of the Bay of Islands Acclimatisation Society. I have served on the Northland Fish and Game Council since its inception in 1990, and was chairman for 13 years. In 2002, I was honoured to receive a Conservation Award in recognition of service to fish and game management.

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Andy Harris

I am an enthusiastic, some would say obsessive waterfowler, and a keen, if fairly ordinary freshwater angler. I live at Hari Hari in South Westland, where I am pretty much retired from hands-on farming but still have an interest in a modest dairy farm in the La Fontaine stream catchment. My other activities centre on family, home and garden. I have been a member of West Coast Fish and Game Council since 2000 and I’m the current chairman. I want to see a future where my grandchildren have the opportunity to hunt and fish as I have over the years.

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Dan Isbister

My particular interest is fly fishing, particularly backcountry and wilderness fishing. I’m also involved in teaching fly fishing and casting. I have salmon fished and hunted game birds for more than 30 years. I farm on the south bank of the Waitaki river where I live with my wife Elizabeth and three children. Outside fish & Game, I have a strong interest in habitat management and enhancement. I am a Central South Island Fish and Game councillor, a community member on the Lower Waitaki/Coastal Canterbury Zone Committee for Environment Canterbury, and I’m part of the steering group for North Otago Sustainable Land Management Group.

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Nigel Juby

I am a former NZ representative angler, blogger, angling advocate and a lapsed hunter. Although I'm based in the Waikato, I spend 30% of my time traveling throughout NZ working and fishing - from lowland streams to the Tekapo canals and into the back country. I try to bring a good understanding of issues, business experience and scientific background to the national council.
I am particularly committed to three issues that I believe will define our sport's future:
• Habitat protection
• Access development
• Participation

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Roy Knight

I’ve been a keen hunter and fisherman since the time I could first hold a fishing rod or gun. I can be found casting my rod for that elusive salmon, checking the scenery in my jet boat, or walking for miles with my dogs for a duck shoot. My passion for our fisheries led me to stand as a North Canterbury Fish and Game councillor. I have also been an honorary ranger for some years and have actively participated in ‘take a kid fishing’ events and game bird competitions. I also volunteer for the Salmon Anglers Association helping with a variety of tasks such as fin clipping. As well as running my own businesses, I am a business mentor and a member of Christchurch Toastmasters.

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Bill O'Leary

I am an active hunter and fish when I get time. A retired secondary school teacher based in Nelson, my background includes the development of a new hunter training course which has introduced hundreds of young people to sustainable harvest concepts and hunting skills. I remain involved in promoting hunter recruitment and have attended international hunter education conferences and workshops. I have also served as president of the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association. As a Nelson/Marlborough Fish and Game councillor and honorary ranger, I have taken part in drift dives and bird counts.

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Ray Grubb

Planning for the future, ensuring there is ample clean clear water for recreation, ensuring wetlands and other game bird habitat are protected, is my priority in representing our License holders. The NZ Fish and Game Council has a very important role in working with Ministers and Government Departments to make the significant shift in water and habitat management that is required. After eight years on the Otago Council I am also very keen to see Regional Councils better fulfil their environmental protection role. With experience at a senior level in Government, then owning a tourism business followed by acting as a Director of Local Body and Private Sector Companies I offer Governance and Planning skills to help provide the Leadership expected of the NZ Council. I am a keen angler and have fished in other countries for many years observing different fishery management techniques, and nowadays fish for the pleasure of enjoying our wild places

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FGNZ5323 Paul Blewman

Paul Blewman

Dave Harris

I am a retired Electrical Engineer. I have been on the Southland Fish and Game Council since 2012.
My main interest is trout fishing, especially fly fishing and I am the President of the Southland Fly Fishing Club. This allows me to help in promoting the sport and I enjoy helping out junior and beginner anglers.
I also take an interest in protecting access and habitat for both fishing and hunting as these are important NZ traditions. We need to keep our environment as pure as possible and ensure that the habitat for both fish and game birds is maintained to allow these species to survive.
I see a need to act against capture of the fishing and hunting resources for private gain at the expense of the general public. I also see a need to ensure that fishing access is still available to New Zealand anglers.
We need to continue to make hunting and fishing licences affordable while continuing to provide enough income to Fish and Game to manage our hunting and fishing resources. I also see a need to try and obtain some income from others sources, especially those who profit from using the hunting and fishing resources, including the introduction of a guide’s licence.

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FGNZ5327 GregDuley

Greg Duley